Thursday, July 13, 2006

Huddleston to Republicans: Vote for Ford

At least that can be one way of interpreting his my-way-or-the-highway argument. The normally sensible blogger at Voluntarily Conservative, opposing Ronald Reagan's famous "11th commandment," offers the following bit of myopia:

So, my fellow conservatives, continue to drive the viral elements out of your party, or be prepared to move out of the party vessel if the infestation is too malignant.

Reagan's "commandment" was delivered in the midst of a 20+ year battle for the soul of the Republican Party. He understood that the purpose of political debate is to win the argument, then invite those who lost the debate to get on board.

A generation of Republicans that doesn't remember Reagan has learned from political consultants only to use wedge issues to cobble majorities, but that is only a short term strategy. Ultimately, persuasive arguments, not strategies of dividing and conquering, will be needed to keep conservatism alive, both within and outside the Republican Party. That need, unfortunately, is not being addressed by any of the three Republican candidates for Bill Frist's seat. Neither the candidates nor their supporters have taken the time to set forth a positive agenda, with the result that the only topics for discussion have been Corker's claims of competence versus Bryant and Hilleary's attacks on the genuineness of Corker's conservatism.

All of which doesn't make for a terribly inspiring primary. The added myopia of those focused on driving out "viral elements" only furthers the discouragement of those concerned about the future of conservatism in Tennessee.


Anonymous joe public said...

Well said!

11:20 AM  
Blogger Rightwing Insider said...

Reagan also said: "If there's to be a blood bath, let it begin now?

11:57 PM  

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