Thursday, July 06, 2006

Eddie Murphy Says Billy Graham Curses Too Much

So, Michelle Malkin, rather than merely disagreeing with the commentary of William F. Buckley, somehow managed to accuse him of "idiocy."

To put it kindly, Malkin calling Buckley an idiot would be a bit like Pee Wee Hermann accusing the Incredible Hulk of being a shrimp. Or, to change the metaphor, Malkin calling Buckley an idiot would be a little like Hugh Hefner calling Jesus of Nazareth a sinner. Or, it would be like Tony Soprano complaining that the Quakers are so violent. Or, Van Hilleary saying that Albert Einstein was stupid.

Then, she dismisses Buckley as an "east coast elite" who should "shut up."

How classy.

The difference between Buckley and Malkin is this: Buckley, at great personal cost, provided intellectual, national, popular, and organizational heft to conservatism during years when it was widely regarded as dead. Malkin writes a nice blog -- sometimes.

Hat Tip: Abramson


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