Sunday, June 04, 2006

When This Late, Might as Well Be Never

The Tennessean has an editorial this morning criticizing the state General Assembly for sneaking through a last minute amendment increasing their own pensions. The editorial runs more than a week after the event occurred.

Nearly every political blogger opined on this issue a week ago -- I started to go look for all of the links, but, frankly, they are now buried deep in bloggers' archives, and it would probably take me 8 days to find and link to them all. I hate to keep criticizing the local paper of record on this issue (no, really, I do), but frankly there is no point in having an editorial page that addresses issues a week after every writer in the region has already written on it.

Yes, the editorial page is just getting to an issue that is already buried deep in the archives of the area's most articulate opinion writers.

For my new readers (one can dream, no?), I previously pointed out the same problem with the paper.


Anonymous joe public said...

It's okay, they're not that late. I'm just now getting to it in my weekly column, which won't hit the streets until Wednesday.


3:53 PM  

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