Monday, June 05, 2006

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

The Music City Oracle has previously opined that negative campaigning can be a valid means for a candidate to differentiate himself from a political opponent; however, some negative campaigning is clearly below the belt. Thus, Blogging for Bryant, relying on an article that appeared in The Chattanooga Times Free Press, claims that Bob Corker nearly 20 years ago "used illegal aliens while building his personal financial fortune." While that sounds like a serious matter for Corker, the truth turns out to be rather innocuous. Based on the article, there is no allegation that Corker or the company he owned used any illegal workers. Rather, the report asserts that the company partly owned by Corker hired a subcontractor as part of a major construction project who turned out to have been using illegal workers. There is no indication that either Corker or his company knowingly did anything wrong.

The Music City Oracle at this time plans to vote for Bryant, so there is no ax to grind here in favor of Corker. However, I note that Bryant and Hilleary supporters, in particular, seem to be resorting to these tactics. Whether effective or ineffective in discrediting Corker, the tactics, not some irrelevant illegal workers from a generation ago, are demeaning to those who employ them.


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