Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Liberals for Lock Step Conformity

If the following paragraph (found here) describes the mindset of a sizable minority of Democrats, the party's chances are doomed in 2008:

Before the sun had even come up, AlterNet transmitted its daily electronic update to liberal shock troops prominently featuring an article by Norman Solomon declaring himself “befuddled” at Clinton’s invitation to the conference, insisting that those who actually believe she is a “progressive” could “mostly be divided into two categories — those who are Fox-News-attuned enough to believe any non-Republican is a far leftist, and those who are left-leaning but don’t realize how viciously opportunistic Sen. Clinton has been.” Further, Solomon added, striking fear into the hearts of all who believe Clinton is plenty progressive enough, “In the interests of truth-in-labeling, shouldn’t Hillary Clinton be described as anti-progressive?”

Democrats on the far left hold Mrs. Clinton in the same regard that Republicans think of David Brock, a betrayer thought of in terms normally associated with Benedict Arnold and Alger Hiss. The difference is that Brock moved from hard core conservative to liberal bombthrower in the span of a single book. Clinton has merely moved from hard core liberal to.... To what? Wanting to appear moderate?

Fortunately for Democrats, though some may not think it fortunate, both the boos for Clinton and the cheers for John Kerry have been widely over-reported. For more context, see here.


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