Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Human Rights Abuse in China

Rebiya Kadeer sent some newspaper clippings from her home in China to her husband in the United States. The Communist Chinese government accused her of "leaking state secrets" and jailed her for 6 years before exiling her to the United States.

This year, the story took another sad turn:

Recently I paid the price for speaking out when the Chinese government made good on its promise to retaliate against my family. A U.S. congressional delegation had requested to meet my family during their visit to Urumqi. On May 29, Chinese authorities responded by warning my three adult children living in the city to decline any such invitation.

Three days later, police took more drastic steps to prevent a meeting. The three children were driven out of the city, and the van stopped by the roadside, where two of my sons were badly beaten by police. In a further effort to intimidate me, one of the officers conducting the beatings handed my daughter Rushangul a cell phone, and told her to call me so that I could hear them screaming. One of my sons, Ablikim, was so badly beaten that he lost consciousness and had to be hospitalized before being taken to a detention center.

Both conservatives, who are unwilling to endanger Chinese business opportunities, and liberals, who are unwilling to criticize a government that is both Communist and not western, have largely ignored the human rights abuses of the Chinese government. They should not.


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