Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"How Clumsy of Me. I Meant to Accuse You."

The indomitable A.C. Kleinheider catches the blogger at Forward with Ford not managing to understand the context of a statement by John Kasich. The former Congressman from Ohio said this:

No Democrat running in a close race in America--no Democrat running in a close race is going to advocate higher taxes. That's just a fact. You look at Harold Ford's behavior in Tennessee, and that's a road map as to how to be a successful Democrat and give yourself a chance to win.

As Kleinheider pointed out, the statement praises Ford more for cleverness than principle. However, Forward with Ford failed to note the subtle swipe. The Ford blogger took umbrage in commenting on Kleinheider's post. He is evidently upset that Kleinheider previously called him out over a rather silly statement claiming small town bona fides due to his having grown up in Brentwood.

The Ford blogger complains that "the website of a major media outlet" is "nitpicking" him. But Kleinheider's job is to be a political blogger with an emphasis on the local, and Forward with Ford is a local blog for a U.S. Senate candidate. Rather than criticizing Kleinheider, the Ford blogger should work on improving the quality of his thought.


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