Friday, June 16, 2006

Former Bredeson and Gore Aide Kopp Takes Disgust to New Level

Democratic consultant, and former aide to Al Gore and Phil Bredeson, Mike Kopp seems to find a way periodically to raise his head into the Nashville blogosphere seemingly for the sole purpose of proving that there is nothing that is beneath him. Nathan Moore and Bob Krumm state thoughts that any humane person would agree with.

Note also at Krumm's site the comment by "Sharon" noting the pathetic irony of liberals using alleged lesbianism (at least John Edwards knew Dick Cheney's daughter was a lesbian; as A.C. Kleinheider points out, we have no idea of the context of the photo of Corker's daughter) for the sole purpose of inciting what they would regard as bigotry. If only Nixon could go to China, I suppose that only despicable, lowlife rattlesnakes such as Kopp can stoop to these levels. But, perhaps Kopp did it because he looked into the eyes of all of the little lesbian girls in his neighborhood and felt he needed to say something (sorry to those folks who haven't followed Kopp's previous controversies -- that one refers to one of Kopp's less than sincere moments in a previous one.)

I apologize to rattlesnakes everywhere.

Update: See also John Hutcheson here.


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