Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wrong on Rove Again

Mark Rose points out that the numerous bloggers on the left who posted that Karl Rove's indictment was on the verge of announcement have turned out, again, to be wrong. If I had a dollar for every time a liberal blogger predicted the imminent indictment of Rove, I would be able to quit working and blog for a living.

A few observations about this rumormongering:

  1. I said it about Patrick Kennedy, and I'll say it about Karl Rove: those who take pleasure in the weaknesses or downfall of an opponent are reprehensible human beings. Political battles should be hard fought and victories relished, but this type of joy is disgusting.
  2. At what point will those who traffic in false rumors be discredited and ignored?
  3. Anyone who hopes that the blogosphere -- or at least the political portion of it -- will evolve into a serious source of knowledge and ideas must hope that the reputations of the rumormongers will begin to discredit them. Otherwise, the blogging enterprise will continue to be discredited as superfluous.


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