Friday, May 12, 2006

We Have Nothing to Fear but ______

The blogger at Shrinkwrapped asks after hearing Paul Begala and Madeleine Albright, on separate programs, both misstate that the NSA program involved eavesdropping on conversations: "...were they being opportunistic Democratic partisans, or were they knowingly perpetuating a lie?"

That question, as well as a thorough discussion of the subject, can be found here.

Conservative bloggers are also noting the Washington Post poll showing that 63% of Americans support the program, in spite of the overwhelmingly negative coverage it has received thus far. Not only does the poll show that Democrats will make a mistake if they decide to go after the President on this -- Americans already doubt that Democrats lack the ability to serve the nation on national security issues, and that is that party's primary impediment to returning to power -- but it also shows how out of touch the left side of the blogosphere is with the nation at large.

Most of that nation likely looks at the issue this way: in a perfect world, the federal government would not be gathering phone records related to suspicious situations. However, the world as it is constituted is less than perfect and, given the natures of that imperfection, we fear Middle Eastern terrorists more than we will fear the National Security Agency gathering information related to phone records.

Given the President's low approval ratings and the current state of congressional corruption, this should be a banner year for Democrats. However, it will not be such a year if Democrats do not find a way to respond to the concerns of people with that balance of fears.


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