Saturday, May 20, 2006

Random Baseball Thoughts

This doesn't sound very nice, and I should be ashamed, but I am being honest and authentic here. Am I the only one who wishes that Barbaro had tied a record today and Barry Bonds broke his leg?

On another front, can anyone explain why A.J. Pierzynski was thrown out of the Cubs - White Sox game today? I am not a fan of either team, but the way that the Chisox catcher crashed into Michael Barrett at home plate was completely legitimate. It is what you have to do if the catcher blocks the plate. Barrett was completely out of line in throwing the punch that set off the melee. Both Barrett and Cubs manager Dusty Baker seem to be acknowledging as much.

So why was Pierzynski tossed?

Finally, for everyone who thinks Ken Griffey, Jr. is done, he remains a marvel when healthy. It was nice to see him turn on a 98 mph fastball.

So why was Pierzynski tossed?


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