Thursday, May 04, 2006

Facts Real and Imagined

A headline at the unofficial blog for Harold Ford, Jr. breathlessly announces: "The Truth Comes Out About The Bush-Abramoff Relationship." Under that headline, the triumphant Ford blogger exclaims:

President Bush has said all along that he doesn't know Jack Abramoff. Too bad for the President there is a thing called facts.

He then excerpts at length a USA Today story that he imagines establishes those things called facts.

The problem is that none of those alleged facts appear in the article in question.

The article establishes that Abramoff's team had significant contact with administration officials in the early years of the Bush presidency. In no instance does it discuss meetings taking place between the President and Abramoff.

The article does demonstrate an uncomfortably cozy relationship between Republican leaders and the corrupt lobbyist, but that fact hardly establishes new ground. Whatever Bush's faults, he has not been shown to have misled regarding his relationship with Abramoff.

Just the facts.


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