Saturday, May 13, 2006

An Editorial Decision

The Music City Oracle has decided not to link to or discuss posts that lack the creativity to explain political differences and that simply resort to calling their opponent's liars. I have simply tired of it. I tired of it in the 90's when some Republicans resorted to it repeatedly with Clinton, and I have tired of it with Democrats referring to Bush.

All of the "liar" name calling is reminiscent of children on a playground, and it is possible that such is the case because it is appropriate to the maturity level of the assailants. If an opponent believes that a politician was badly mistaken, sadly misinformed, or grotesquely wrong on an issue, let him or her say so. But the constant use of the l word has tired me out.

If anyone actually reads this, I am sure that I will get a response something along the lines of my not being willing to open my eyes and see the truth. As I wrote above, this is bi-partisan disgust on my part and simply represents my sense of decency and desire to focus on actual issues. If you wish to claim that calling someone a liar represents real political debate or accomplishes anything of value, I am quite certain of the fact that you won't lose sleep over my thinking that you are representing much of what is wrong and reprehensible -- on a bipartisan basis -- in contemporary politics.


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