Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bankrupt Bloggers

In a post entitled "The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Some Bloggers," Ed Morrissey discusses the tendency of some to confuse childish insults with reasonable arguments. Morrissey writes:

That's all they've got, these vapid and emotionally stunted people with computers and free time, on both sides of the political spectrum. They can't win with argument, so they use invective and silly schoolyard taunts instead. They fill their posts with obscenities and dance around with delight every time they come up with another taunt. It's the perfect example of why we formed the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and adopted the chicken hawk as our mascot. It reveals the intellectual bankruptcy of these very bloggers ... and provokes them into revealing it themselves.

Indeed. His entire post merits reading by anyone sharing concerns that the growth of the legitimacy of the blogosphere may be stunted by the inanities of its practitioners.


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