Tuesday, April 18, 2006

With Apologies to Shakespeare

Friends, Nashvillians, Volunteers, lend me your ears;
I come to remember Hobbs, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft cached with their blogs;
So let it be with Hobbs.
The noble Kopp Hath told you Hobbs was insensitive:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Hobbs answer'd it.
Here, under leave of Kopp and the rest—
Spragens, the Scene, the cheerleaders at NIT
For Kopp is an honourable man;
So are they all, all honourable men--
Come I to speak about Hobbs.
He and I have never met:
But Kopp says he was insensitive;
And Kopp is an honourable man.
He hath brought many bloggers to prominence
Whose traffic did the site meter fill:
Did this in Hobbs seem insensitive?
When that others have looked for advice, Hobbs hath provided it:
Insensitivity should be made of sterner stuff:
Yet Kopp says he was insensitive;
And Kopp is an honourable man.
You all did see that on the internet
He has been given opportunities to attack his former employer;
Which he did refuse: was this insensitivity?
Yet Kopp says he was insensitive;
And, sure, he is an honourable man.
I speak not to disprove what Spragens spoke,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
Kopp, desperate to defend the indefensible;
Pushed Muslim children in front of him –
Smiling, waving, acting as rhetorical human shields.
Showing a cynical streak that will harden the work,
Of those who genuinely care for their plight.
But Kopp says Hobbs was insensitive, and Kopp was an honorable man.
In a moment of imperial hubris not exceeded by Nero himself;
Kopp declared he would delete any comment made by Hobbs –
On his blog, and “anywhere else.”
The one who deigns to control words worldwide says Hobbs was moronic.
Yet, indeed, Kopp proved a moronic man.
No doubt, an honorable man such as Kopp will find honorable suitors –
Democratic politicos desiring the service of such an honorable man.
Yet, should they turn to Kopp, they will dishonor the notion of honor—
Who in truth has defiled decency and sullied sincerity.
For Hobb, in truth, is flawed, but decent;
And Kopp is a most dishonorable man.


Blogger Donna Locke said...

I'm thinking Ralph Fiennes could play Hobbs in the movie.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Bill Hobbs said...

i'm thinking I could play ralph fiennes in the movie.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Donna Locke said...

He's so Fiennes, oh yeah.

4:47 PM  

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