Saturday, October 07, 2006

Must Be a Chevy Man: No Ford's Here

Regarding Tennessee's U.S. Senate race, The Oracle knew early on that he would vote for Bob Corker. One may complain that Corker is too moderate of a Republican, but no one of conservative principles could vote for Harold Ford, Jr., given a reasonably qualified alternative: Ford's voting record is just too liberal.

Of course, if I were an uninformed voter relying on political ads, I might decide that Ford were just too conservative. Given that I am a pro-life, pro-free enterprise, pro-second amendment Reagan Republican, it is no small accomplishment that Ford has managed to possibly elbow his way to my right -- at least in terms of slick advertising. I am expecting that any moment Ford will come out with a promise to vote to confirm Robert Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court. No person of liberal principles could possibly support Ford with any degree of enthusiasm if they believed half of the content of his political ads. Of course, there is enthusiasm by those who see the ads and wink and nod because they know that the ads don't reflect reality. Nonetheless, based on the ads, I guess I'd end up voting for Corker.

And, given the integrity gap between the Ford record and the Ford campaign, I suppose that my vote would have to go for Corker.

That's three strikes: Ford is out.


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